Whoops! Forgot to Post!

Ok, so things got busy and we haven’t gotten a chance to post anything lately.  Guess what, WE HAD A BABY!!  I’ll post more soon, I promise, but here’s a teaser:

2014-04-13 10.27.28 2014-05-14 08.09.25 2014-05-17 15.59.51

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Trip to Virginia Beach

Tom and I went to Virginia Beach to see Joe Griffin!  We had a ton of fun!

2013-10-25 13.10.30 2013-10-25 17.33.32 2013-10-26 12.07.48 2013-10-26 12.08.59 2013-10-26 12.09.11 2013-10-26 12.09.49 2013-10-26 14.12.41 2013-10-26 14.23.00 2013-10-26 14.23.07 2013-10-26 14.23.26 2013-10-26 14.36.45 2013-10-26 14.37.23 2013-10-26 14.56.28 2013-10-26 15.01.45 2013-10-26 23.25.56

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Tom Put the Crib Together!

Check out our baby’s new bed!!


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Carrie Attempts to Teach Herself How to Sew

Step one, get out the sewing machine that I’ve had for years but never learned how to use. Check! So far so good.


Step 2: Sew some random lines in a random piece of fabric. Check! This is a piece of cake!


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Buy Buy Baby Registry

We’ve completed our gift registry! We’re registered at Buy Buy Baby, which is in St. Louis but it’s also online. It’s a division of Bed Bath, and Beyond so you can use any coupons or gift cards from there as well! Here’s the link: Baby Clark’s Gift Registry

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Delta Chi Octoberfest

We went to Hermann, MO this weekend with Tom’s fraternity for Octoberfest! There was tons of good wine, beer, and German potato salad. (Let’s be honest, Carrie was there for the potato salad!). The weather was gorgeous as well! It was in the 60’s and sunny. We had a blast!



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Leaf Watch 2013!

I’ve been waiting for the leaves to start changing for a while and they’re finally starting to! YAY!!



Our beautiful red tree a few weeks later!


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Belly is Growing!

All of a sudden, this belly is popping out like crazy! Grow, little guy, grow!


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Heritage Festival

Tom and I went to the Heritage Festival in Columbia and saw all kinds of fun stuff, such as guitars made of old containers and wooden swords. Sweet!



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20-week ultrasound

And all is well! Everything with the baby looks perfect! And, he’s in the 45th percentile for weight, perfect!!



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